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Simple Domain Management

Our easy to use and understand domain control panel make the domain management a painless exprience will require no expertise to work into it.

Automatic Domain Renewal

With auto renewal feature enable for your domains you don't have to worry about their renewal deadlines it will manage it all.

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support 24/7/365

Don't worry! We have premium 8/5 support

Even after the all management tools you need help with something our support is alaways there to help you.

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Advanced domain control made easy

  • Easy Management
  • Whois Privacy
  • Domain Lock
monitoring 24/7/365

Change DNS records through an easy-to-use Control Panel

When you registering a domain name with us,the DNS control panel for that comes free for you from where you can easily maintain your domain DNS

From here you can manage all your records including A, CNAME, MX and TXT etc. for you domain.

monitoring 24/7/365

Protect your Registrant information with Whois Privacy

with our whois privacy feature you can protect your domain whois information.

protecting your whois information will protect you from scammers and reduce the spam on your website.

monitoring 24/7/365

Lock and Unlock it down to prevent unauthorized transfers

Domain lock keeps you protected from unauthorized third-parties who might try to misdirect your nameservers or transfer your domain without your permission.

This tool is available for free with domain that has been registered through (mt) us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a domain name?
  • A domain name is the address where Internet users can access your website. A domain name is used for finding and identifying computers on the Internet.

What can I do with a domain name?
  • Create a website for your business and make the presence of your brand online and can create your own branded email address which brings recognition and authencity to your bussiness conversations.

How many domains can I host at my Hosting?
  • The number of domains you can host depends upon the web hosting plan you have purchased.

What domain should I buy?
  • Buy the domain that best defines your bussiness brand and nature of bussiness.

    You can choose the extension like .com if its commercial venture or go for an .org if its an organsitaion and other Tlds depending upon their defination and your need.